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Mac Miller has been tearing through radio and speaker waves all over the Internet lately. Getting a lot of respect from the veteran MC’s from his vintage sound. Mac Teams up with the one and only KILLA CAM!. Check it out. Mistake collab or history for the kid? You be the judge.


The famous Soul Train Host was found dead from an alleged suicide in his los Angeles home earlier today. He was 75 years old.




Don Carnelius was found dead earlier today by one of his two sons. Allegedly he committed suicide by an self inflicting gun shot wound to the head. (reported by TMZ)

He was not only the host of the famous t.v. series ‘The Soul Train” many others can agree that he was also responsible for changing the landscape of music. “The Soul Train” contained music and dancing and later an award show.

BET reports Soul Train debuted nationally in 1971 and went on to change the landscape of music. The program, which featured live dancing and performances from the most influential Black artists of all time, including Al Green, James Brown and the Jackson Five, ended its run in 2006. Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming and Specials, says, “If not for Soul Train, there would be no 106 & Park.”

Just getting out of an nasty divorce where he allegedly some time ago had beatin up his ex wife during there marriage and pled no contest and was put on 3 years of probation. Sources close to Don say “the TV icon was plagued with health issues for years … including a stroke and a condition that required brain surgery.

We all thank the Don for being part of one of the biggest waves in the music scene, and although his life didn’t seem to be easy may he rest in peace.,

As we all know Rick Ross tweeted about meetin and hanging out with Dr. Dre for his birthday. Video came up and Guess what happenes. Dr. Dre gives the “Boss” a $100,000 hublot watch. Some are sayin dre is back stabbing 50. Who won the beef between the two now? You be the judge.






Rick Ross recently was in the studio with Timberland working on his fifth studio albumn “God Forgive’s, I Don’t.” After revealing it on twitter Ross states “In studio w/ Timbaland.get’n priceless music x advice.” Then he tweets “Just spoke to my biggest musical influence for the 1st time.Dr.Dre just changed my life with a phone call.. #richforever.”

Despite the disputes between Rick Ross and 50 Cent (If there was really one) it’s obviouse that Dr. Dre has some type of plans for “The Boss”










Some Time later Rick Ross told MTV NEWS that working with Dr. Dre has affected his work ethic. It is reported that Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, and Dr Dre have been in the studio together in Miami, Florida, . He Doesnt go into detail on what exactly there working on he did tweet a picture. (See Above)

“It was amazing, my brother,” he said.  “We had the opportunity to just first and foremost touch base like bosses. We went out, we had dinner, we just discussed ideas and that led to the studio.”

What can we expect from this meeting/Birthday Bash? Only Time can tell. Rick Ross does say that Dr. Dre did give him priceless advise about the industry.

“The advice he gave me, it’s already affected the way I’ve been in the studio for the last week,” he said. “So let’s just say he’s full of knowledge and he’s a solid guy. Most definitely that’s maybe my biggest hip-hop influence in the game.

New main stream rapper 2 Chain is no longer riding around and getting it dolo. Recently just signed under Def Jam. Atlanta’s very own is planning to announce this achievement on RapFlix sometime today.

Reggae superstar Elephant Man was recently charged with rape and assault. According to reports in the Jamaica Star Online, police arrested the “Jook Gal”singer stemming from an incident that happened at his St. Andrews mansion in early January.

Officers say a woman filed a report against Elephant Man, whose real name is Oneil Bryan, claiming he sexually assaulted her. Elephant Man was questioned with a lawyer present and was then charged after interrogation was over. Elephant Man was booked and is set to appear in court today.

Drake spoke on the Common beef stating “NO,” as in he will not be following through with a diss record against Common’s “Stay Schemin Cover.” He then starts to explain on how he was a fan of Common growing up and expects that many other people were too. Drake states that depsite what words common used or how he is taking the situation the beef is not an “Hip Hop Moment.” Its just another ploy for attention around the release of an album.

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